"Daddy, I Can't Sleep"
Life Size Wood Sculpture
Joe Bolf
This sculpture is of my daughter Gretchen at age nine.
Gretchen is 49" tall. The base is an additional 12".
She was featured on the cover of  the National Wood Carvers Association's magazine "Chip Chats" in the May-June 1991 issue.
The doll that she is holding was Gretchen's first doll.

"Sea Breeze"  by  Joe Bolf
 My former wife Cora modeled for this stunning sculpture.
The article on the right was
published in the Jan.-Feb.
1997 issue of "Chip Chats"

The experience was captured on a 30 minute video that includes wonderful scenes of moose and loons as we live on Moosehead Lake in Maine, 
The film climaxes with a 60 second time lapse of the entire project in which the sculpture comes to life.
Original music written and performed on the tenor sax by Joe Bolf creates an exciting back drop.

"Simple Pleasure"  by  Joe Bolf
This life-size sculpture was my first. Her name was Nancy and she performed with me on the piano for several years. Nancy  is 5' 9" with a 12" base.
The bird is guilded with 23 carat gold leaf.
"Chip Chats" published a full page color photo of Nancy in it's July-August, 1990 issue.
This is a life-size
clay sculpture of Cora.
I always begin a project 
with clay.
It saves the model a
lot of time and helps 
me to become familiar
with her features.

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